help a trader

My name is Tim and I really want to become a trader in US stock market, unfortunately I’m facing some serious obstacles on my way. Please take 5 minutes of your time to read this message. Thank you.
I live in Germany but I’m not a German, I was born in Russia and came to Germany 9 years ago. The most of my family and my relatives were born in the Soviet Union and still live behind the “iron certain”, they don’t believe in investing in stocks , they don’t know and don’t want to know what trading is … So explaining to them about trading it’s like hitting head against a brick wall. I don’t get many friends I can ask for help either. Maybe it’s because since I remember the only things on my mind were doing business and now trading…not everybody likes talking about that…
Since I was 22 years old my heart beats for business, I was doing business in the apparel industry, manufacturing and retail. I had my own apparel label back in 2006-2008 with my own production facilities in Eastern Europe and a chain of retailers throughout the Europe, US and even New Zealand.
I’m 29 now and this age is being considered by the most of the companies as being too late to start a professional carrier in financial industry. All in all I am learning about trading for almost a year now. First I started with trading currencies and commodities; neither had I ever closed a week in the red no was it really my cup of tea. About 5 months ago I discovered for myself trading in US stock market. Ever since I felt like it’s something I was looking for for the last 8 years of my life… In my first week of trading, only after 5 trading days (after some weeks of a serious practicing) I made 15% profit on my deposit. And I constantly made profit throughout the whole company earnings season. My trading strategy and style perform very well in market conditions with certain volatility and volume. My trading strategy is a very low risk strategy where I trade only the stocks with a certain daily volume and a certain “behavior”. I learned it from some very talented and successful stock traders. I maintain a very good risk reward ratio and never put my capital at risk, I treat trading like a business. It’s very easy for me to make 5-7% profit on my deposit within only a couple of hours without risk, implementing the effective and sustainable management of the risk reward balance. I believe that my life experience, my knowledge, understanding of business and my personal character traits, that unite many cultural influences, will help me in being successful in this business and in picking the right stocks for swing trading. I’m a day trader for now, because of certain leverage opportunities for day trading. Unfortunately I hadn’t enough time yet to work on and bring to perfection my trading strategy and my trading skills because I’m running out of support opportunities. It’s a bit difficult for me to trade in the time period between the earnings seasons, because the behavior of the market and the stocks is different now (I hadn’t yet enough time to study it), my deposit amount is too low and sometimes I really have to squeeze it out all this and the pressure I’m under keeps me away from learning, trading, improving myself, even though there isn’t much left to reach my goals. I can’t just start a new business from a scratch (that’s what I learned in life) or start doing anything else because all this would bring me away from trading, the only thing I love and I’m really passionate about. The only thing I want to fall asleep and wake up in the morning thinking about. The only thing I want to do and learn about it 14 hours a day and on the weekends…
The rest of “the developing phase“ could possibly last for 2-5 months and during this time the amount needed to cover my life expenses would be a little bit more than 1.000usd (if needed) a month. All further information about my trading style and my trading statistic could be provided upon your request.
I really don’t know who else to ask for help that’s why I am doing it this way. Maybe you could help me; I can work for you or your company or maybe be your personal 24/7 hours broker, trader… As you‘ve seen that will bring you a very good quarterly, annual return on your investment and you will get conditions you won’t get anywhere else…
Maybe you were thinking about investing in a business (in the right hands investing in stocks is more secure, riskless and profitable than any other business), maybe you were always thinking about investing in company stocks but never could find enough time to look into that or maybe you just want to do something good and right today… If you can’t help me, maybe some of you friends can, please forward this message to them, retweet it. You can also donate something and your gesture won’t be forgotten. Even a dollar or two; every amount matters. Please forward this message, retweet it, simply follow me on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you very much!


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